Tips for Planning Casino Parties in Kansas City

When you set up a Casino Party for your event, you add a special pizzazz and flare of elegance. Choose from Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, and Texas Hold’em all combined with all the right accessories and your casino party will be a memorable and perfect event!

Casino Night Rentals KCPlanning a casino night in Kansas is easier than you might think. To get your event started, give out a certain amount of chips for each player. At the end of the evening let your guests cash in for fun prizes that you have on hand to give away.

Texas Hold’em is a game for the serious card player. Each table will hold up to seven players plus the dealer. Don’t forget to add on the accessories of cards and poker chips, and chairs.

For a fun game of Black Jack, you will need eight stools, seven for your players and one for the dealer. The object of the game is to beat the dealer to a hand of 21. You will also need cards, and poker chips for this game.

Spin the wheel in the fun and challenging game of Roulette! This game is for up to seven players with one dealer. Roll the dice and hope you get luck on that spin! For this game you will need eight stools, a pair of dice and one-marble and poker chips.

You can also choose several options for those attendees who don’t play the tables. You can add the Pigtona Speedway where guests can get into betting on furry little mechanical pigs! To keep the game interactive the oink too! Alternatively, what about the Number Wheel? This is perfect for a random give away or playing a game of chance. Raffle drums are another great option. You can spin the drum and draw a number or name to give prizes away. Moreover, you can’t forget about Plinko! Make your guests feel like they are on the Price Is Right Game show with this game that never comes out the same no matter how you drop the Plinko chips!

In addition, do not forget to set the scene with the Casino backdrops available. You can choose from entry signs, to giant poker hands, a real Las Vegas scenic backdrop, cashier booths, and even lighted projections for walls and much more! No matter what you choose, your casino night will be the hit of the town! Give your guests a special night they will remember for years to come!

One thing to remember, rules for having a casino night can vary from town to town. Make sure you check your local laws to make sure you’re planning your casino night to fit the town rules.

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