Hollywood Lights

Hollywood balloons 2

Red Carpet backdrop

Red carpet backdrop for Selfie Booth

Event Decorations KC

Hollywood Backdrop with Lights

Hollywood Backdrop with Lights – 40’W x 14’T

Hollywood Lettering on Stansions

Hollywood Lettering on Stanchions – 3’W x 7.5’T

Oscar 3D Hollywood Scenery for rent Kansas

Gold Statue 3D – 7’T

Oscar hollywood scenery for rent Kansas City

Gold Statue Flat – 3’W x 7’T

Hollywood Clapboard (chalk board) for Rent KS

Hollywood Clapboard (chalk board) – 4′ x 4′

Dancing Girls Flats | Scenery Rental Kansas

Dancing Girls Flats – 5’W x 10’T

Movie Camera Flat | Scenery for Rent  Kansas

Movie Camera Flat – 2’W x 7’T

Hollywood Scenery Rental | Paparazzi Flats

Paparazzi Flats – 4’W x 7’T

Light Up Stars on Stansions

Light Up Stars on Stanchions – 4’W x 6-8’T

Red Velvet Rope on Stansions

Red Velvet Rope on Stanchions – 3’T; Red Carpet – 3′ x 12′, 3′ x 24′, 6′ x 20′