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Defender Dome

Product SKU: INF016INT

Defend your goal against three other players in the fastest moving inflatable game ever created. The Defender Dome Game will be a huge hit with older kids and adults.

Defend your goal against the three other players in this fast moving game. Four players face off against each other on an angled surface with a goal of their own to defend against any of the other players from any direction attempting to score on your goal. Player is out when a ball goes into their goal. Alternative use includes 8 to 10 participants just slam dunking basketballs into 4 goals.

Recommended Participant Ages 10 to 80
Unit Size 34W X 34L X 18T
Attendants Required 2 at entrance
Maximum Participants 4
Maximum Participant Weight 175 lbs.
Power Required 2 Dedicated 20 amp circuit within 100 ft. CC&E will provide heavy gauge extension cord.
Setup Notes If indoors, remove center bar in double door only on ground level.
Extra Equipment Small Recess Balls and Helmets
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