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Double Ba-SKEE-Ball

Product SKU: MID009UP

Baskeeball for two -  to add a competitive edge to this classic game! Played with miniature basketballs.

Recommended Participant Ages 5 to 80
Unit Size 16L X 9W X 8T
Attendants Required 1 to 2
Maximum Participants 2
Power Required 1 Dedicated 20 amp circuit within 100 ft. CC&E will provide heavy gauge extension cord.
Recommended Play Six Balls rolled-Can Score Game with Velcro Tabs for individual play. Competitive play, keep rolling until all colors are hit, utilizing speed and accuracy.
Setup Notes If indoors, ground floor entry only.
Additional product notes Game may be used as a redemption game. 1 chip for consolation, 2 chips for winner
Extra Equipment 12 Mini Basketballs
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