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Dunk Tank

Product SKU: WAT005

Our Dunk Tank has a plexiglass front to see your dunkees get drenched. Two additional backdrops are available to choose from.

dunk_tank_dolphin_canvas_standard_6210 dunk_tank_shark_canvas_original_416

Recommended Participant Ages 5 to 80 (Adults Only in dunk tank!)
Attendants Required 2
Maximum Participants 1. Participants must be physically fit and over 5
Recommended Play Recommended play time is 3 Throws
Setup Notes Must be able to drive up to Tank Drop Off (Outdoor Use Only). 1 Garden Hose within reach of Tank. Fire Dept. may fill but from hydrant only, not from pumper truck. If filling with hot water, fill ? cold first, then continue with hot water.
Additional product notes Water must be released immediately at end of event so as not to incur an extra $20 draining fee.
Extra Equipment 3 throwing balls
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