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Human Foosball/Basketball

Product SKU: INF014INT

Up to 8 people compete to play a traditional game of Human Foosball. Or remove the straps to play a game of Basketball with the provided hoops! Two times the fun all in one!

Object: To get the game ball into the opposing team's goal. A cleverly designed grid keeps everyone restricted to their play zone.

Recommended Participant Ages 13 to 80
Unit Size 18W X 35L X 13T
Attendants Required 2 at entrance to help harness players.
Maximum Participants 8
Maximum Participant Weight 175 lbs.
Power Required 1 Dedicated 20 amp circuit within 100 ft. CC&E will provide heavy gauge extension cord.
Recommended Play Timed play
Setup Notes If indoors, ground floor entry only.
Extra Equipment 1 Soccer Ball or Basketball
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